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About Us:


This website is dedicated to helping the now 150 Dogs at the Trikala Shelter, Northern Greece. Also the 190 strays (70 dogs & 120 cats), we are also providing medicines and vet care for. It is also dedicated to each and every one of our wonderful supporters, without whom the shelter would not exist and the animals in Trikala would be in a much worse situation. With love and respect from the shelter volunteers ~ Xanthi, Lili, Valentina, Ioanna and Elena.

Adoptable dogs
Dog of the month


Our featured dog of the week for adoption or sponsorship.

Ariadni's Story: This is Ariadni she is one of the eldest dogs in the shelter, she is about 10 years old. Ariadni was found by the girls roaming the streets of Trikala for food 5 years ago. They noticed that she had a broken leg bone which had healed itself leaving her a wonky front leg. Ariadni's owner let her out in the city after she drowned Ariadni's puppies. We believe that she was forced to reproduce. Ariadni had heartworm. Her condition was critical X-rays shows hypertrophy of the heart . Ariadni was on theraphy and now she is doing fine. This gentle sweet girl deserves to spend her last few years in a warm loving home...

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Sponsor one of our dogs from just 5 euros a month. Be a part of our Trikala Guardian Angel Family.



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