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Dogs for adoption

           (Click on the pictures for more details)


Small sized dogs

Please take a look at our dogs up for adoption. If you are interested in adopting a dog, please click on and read through our information page below before contacting us on

Blakie                    Kali                     Billy                   Mummy                 Vika              

Medium sized dogs

Yoko                  Greco                    Kelly                  Antuan                  Nanti

Sissy                 Ernesto

Large sized dogs

Mandalena            Hermes

 Glyka                   Vicky                   Daizy

Golden Oldie dogs

 Aliki                    Zuzuna                  Sila                    Emilio                    Ivan

Special needs dogs

Gina                     Mia                       Alfie                  Lazaros                Haido

Diana                    Diki

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