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We are a volunteer run shelter and we rely solely on your donations. We receive no help from our government to feed and vet the animals in our care. Please help us to carry on providing stability, health care, a safe environment and full stomachs to our strays. You can donate in any of the following ways:

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You can become one of our Guardian Angels and help to feed one of our dogs for just €5 a month. It costs €15 a month to feed a dog for the whole month. €20 a month will feed and give basic vet care (vaccination, wormer etc) to a dog. When you choose a dog, don't forget to let us know using the name box underneath the following paypal link:
Click on the button to view an album of dogs looking for their very own Guardian Angel:


Thank you to our Guardian Angel Family:

Wendy Simpson, Laurie E Alcantara, Tasha Sain, Karin Barrett, Mary Jo Lobao, Julie Blair, Deborah Shepardsin, Jackie Shields, Janine Venter, Kimberley Arnold, Barbara Wolkins, Diane Pigott, Jeffrey Lawes, Tina Tedford, Giorgio Picinelli, Paige Peters, Maren Stevens, Pauline Wright, Michael Weller, Media Outbreak, Claudia Lowe, Gwendolyn Webster, Amanda George, John Sensiba, Regina Sojka, Cynthia Cheung, Nadine Reyes-Turnbull, Maria Tsucalas, Kaila Fraser, Lisa Paradiso, Valerie Quercia, Donna Swindail, Jenny Andersson, Mary Hines, Jerri Hopper, Heather Ramos, Carli Morris, Patricia Budd, Lucy Mizon, Anke Ippach, Sherry Lynn Del Bando, Caroline Risby, Rachel Robson, Loree & Co, Jessica Fish, Susan Rodriguez, Ana Rodriguez, Jilly Nunes, Angela Vincent Cole, Rachel Gallant, Jennifer Weber, Amy Resh, Victoria Foulides, Ana Johnston, Cynthia Bantista, Robert Richardson, Caitlin Little, Beverley Tween, Jeanne Tanis, Daniel Mester, Marilyn Wamsley, Mary Petsiavas, Patricia McCaffrey, Jane Lapato, Stacey Buchanan, Lorna Mackie, Shannon Benes, Ingrid Hartman, Jacqueline Wallace, Allyson Hinton, Jeanie Kilgore, Lisa Christou, Sue Summerfield, R A Ames, Monica Schmitz, Carolyn Ullerick, Gena Olney, Happy Planet, Andrew Katz, Robin Shoory, Arja Vanttinen, Penny Stainer, Anthony Salamone, Marie Sparr, Jacqueline Langwith, Jen McDonald, Diane Williams, Noorea Bassuni, Louisa Gabriel, Caroline Dickson, Maria Robson, Stacey Aberle, Samantha Derendal, Nancy Tonkin, Michelle Sinkaus, Monique Nielson, Lisa Fieg, Janine Brown, Maren Stevens, Dawn Cardy, Natalie Ware, Eleana Grigoriou, Xristina Theo .